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The Liberated Voice

Cristian Tararache 

"Surrender to the process," were the words of Kefas that I held with me throughout the entire workshop. A workshop full of spontaneity and play that brought me into contact with deep areas within myself, long inaccessible.

I saw and was seen, I played and was the game, I surrendered and was surrendered. I became aware of my Voice, listened to it, and allowed it to emerge in all its forms. Everything came so easily and naturally that all resistance melted away in this playful state of presence. I warmly recommend it to everyone who wants to experiment and play with this wonderful instrument we all have – our voice.

* * * 

Teona Teodorescu

It has been my first time joining the The Liberated Voice workshop. The workshop found me and I found it during a journey of healing from some childhood emotional trauma and ongoing repression which I think disconnected me from my body, myself, my voice as an adult. 

For me, the The Liberated Voice workshop was and remains profoundly experiential, mind and soul opening, positively challenging and a valuable learning experience. It reminded me of how I can connect with myself through playing, it helped me to really feel and to connect with a source of love within myself and discovered that I am able to offer and share this love with people I know nothing about. Feeling this made me very happy and grateful.

Another word that came up often in my mind, during the workshop, was control. I felt that this was a chance for me to learn practically to let go and let every moment and emotion transform me, even the ones I perceive negative.For me it was a genuine process of self-discovery, reconnection with myself, my body, emotions and overcoming fears.

Everything, from the point of view of the event organization, ran seamlessly, including the schedule, communication, workshop exercises. It always felt a safe, open and accepting space to express and to be as I felt. I thank you for this.


* * * 

Ioana Stoica

I came to the workshop on a whim, having wanted to work with my voice for a long time. I had no ideas and no expectations. The biggest insight I've had was during a private session with Kefas, as I realized how intricately woven were my "singing" voice and my "normal" voice, the one I use in daily life to express myself. Not so much the sound of it, but the courage, steadiness, transparency. Allowing it to be and accepting it how it is. Letting it flow. I felt some of my communication blockages dissolve as I was letting my voice be. Kefas was instrumental in this process. He listened, making space for my voice to come out, accepted it fully,  and offered beautiful emotional support and care. Softly guiding me and intuitively tapping into the underlying problem. I remember I came home and couldn't stop singing. I had this moment where I was listening to myself and I couldn't get enough of it. I think I've never heard my voice sound so good. The second biggest takeaway was meeting my inner singer. We're now keeping in touch on an almost daily basis, and I'm always surprised and touched by our meeting :) 

* * * 

Elena Ramona Doleanu

At this workshop I discovered a new world...in my heart. And I discovered how to express this world with my voice. It was wonderful, magical, and unique experience that I have never lived before. 

Kefas is passionate about what he does, connected with his soul and careful with the emotions of the participants.  He created and save atmosphere, with high frequency vibration around him.

I recommend this workshop to the people who want to find their true voice coming from inside, those who believe they have no beautiful voice, those who think they don't sing nicely. 

I discovered here that we all have a very awesome voice. We just have to find it in our heart.

Thank you! 
I am waiting to experience this again!

* * * 


Maya Stanic Bibic

Kefas is a wise man and a playful child at the same time. He wants for you the same: to tap into your inner wisdom and playfulness with your voice. He leads you confidently and makes it safe to explore, feel, connect, play and express yourself through voice. All that unfolds natural and with ease, everything is possible with Kefas. Sometimes it feels like dancing on the edge of your comfort zone, sometimes even crossing it. Sharing this experience in a group and witnessing others gives you necessary courage. And once you surrender and liberate your voice, it feels very rewarding.

I have truly enjoyed this workshop and would recommend it to anyone who wants to build trust, let go of control, free their voice and express them selves from the heart. 

* * *  

Ionuț Bunea

The experience Kefas creates through “The Liberated Voice" workshop it is so unique and intimate for each participant, that can only be revealed by living it.

I set my expectations and ego aside, I let go and embraced the safe and warm space Kefas created and I was amazed.

The things you can discover are yours and yours alone, either practical, spiritual or psychological.

Personally, I was surprised by how gently touched me this experience. It took me to a realm I have never explored until now.

I realised that the voice is not a tool for making sounds, but an important part of our being, deeply connected to our emotions and our life experiences.

It was like meeting and old friend whom I almost forgot, the "inner singer". For me it was not about singing better, not even about singing. It was about connecting to my voice and allow it to be my trusted friend, always besides me.

Our breathing and our voice will always be with us, either we laugh, we cry, we love, we sing, we argue, we forgive or express gratitude....

I went there expecting to find out how to better connect with the outside world and in turn I found a beautiful inside connection.

It was about soul...

* * * 


Alice Teodorescu

I have been trying for a long time to reconnect with my voice and The Liberated Voice showed up with the perfect resources and timing to do so. Kefas has a great energy, the group feels truly warm and supportive, and everything gets you out of your comfort zone and into your inner zone, if you let it be.
For me, it was a surprise to hear my voice in many different ways, even as I've never heard it before, to gain more confidence in my sounds and my body, to let go of inner walls and simply be. It's the kind of experience that you need to have at least once in your life!

* * *  

Anca Jelea

The Liberated Voice was the most fabulous workshop I have ever participated in. I discovered I have a VOICE which I see now as a powerful tool that is helpful to control my emotions as well as being extremely valuable for the personal development area.
What is more, working with your voice gives you the opportunity to create a very intimate connection with your partner – a revelation I had after this workshop! I am not telling you more – I let you discover yourself. But please take into account that this workshop is the perfect gift you could give to yourself. 

You will get a refresh in your life, boost your energy and nothing will be the same as before. Kefas is the greatest, spreads high frequency vibration around him and knows how to create a familiar environment for everyone – he is just the best teacher! I will definitely join again. 

See you there! :)

* * *  

Ovidiu Neagu

I came to this workshop out of curiosity. I did it for me. I wanted to know more of myself and discover something new.

From the very start it was a very interesting and creative experience. And I was about to go through some very profound moments where I'd meet a part of myself that I didn't know. One that is powerful, playful, mature, authentic.

I went home deeply moved by this experience, by the people I met, by the energy of the space and that of the group.

I am grateful for these wonderful days.

* * * 

Emil Dinu-Popa 

This year was the second time I have attended the Liberated Voice workshop. I decided to join again because I experienced such a powerful feeling of freedom in the previous edition.
It is something very intimate in the way you can set your vital energy free by adjusting your voice to the bodily vibrations. For two days I have come closer to my voice and my body than ever before, because when adjust my vocal tone to my body a huge vital energy comes as a consequence.
This workshop showed me a side of myself that I haven’t been aware of. I am happy that I acknowledged my voice and that now I can do that in my day-to-day life.

* * *   

Raluca Matilda Borza

Although I’ve been 2 years at the canto school… this workshop has been a very special experience for me because it gave me exactly what it’s needed before beginning to study singing: a de-conditioning of the way I tone and the discovery of my natural voice.
The canto technique didn’t succeed in solving a soreness that appeared in the back of my neck, after singing… but hurrrrayyy!

I solved it through this workshop! Plus: I have discovered the way my voice wanted to manifest… without me striving to make it sound in a certain way. Like Kefas says, “Your voice as a playmate” – this is exactly what I have received, and I am very grateful.

* * *  

Simina Tureac

Being part of this workshop made me realize that I do have a voice. It came out free and liberated, confident and full of energy. I’ve discovered how to connect with my inner voice, with my body, how to exercise new breathing techniques and how to use my voice without experiencing the usual tension in my throat. I could observe the change in my
voice as if I was a new version of myself, a better one. And more important, I was all the time aware and relaxed; my body and heart had my full attention which brought me clarity of mind.

* * * 

Paul Moroșanu

The word that comes to me when I think of the Liberated Voice workshop is balance. Kefas masterfully lead this experience by keeping an open eye on reality and being well-grounding himself, although he worked a lot with sensations and emotions, which is always a moving and volatile ground.

This was my first experience towards exploring my voice and it hooked me to my native resources – the voice being, obviously, part of them. The exercises involving the voice and the ones involving the body were well-balanced and they were exactly what I needed in terms of waking myself up with intense sensations. Also, the whole experience inside the group – built to be both on an individual and on a collective level – was novel and lead me to some very intense personal moments.

* * *  

Mihaela Crăciun

The Liberated Voice has been an amazing experience for me. I have long been looking for something that would help me reconnect with my voice, especially with my singing voice, and really get to feel the power of it within me.
To feel it, heal it, embrace it and learn how to get it
out there.
If anything, it really was liberating for me. Kefas is one of a kind master on this. I feel grateful!

* * * 


Simona David-Crisbășanu

Kefas’s Liberated Voice connects you with your body and internal healing resources. Enclosed in our offices and houses, we forget to move, to breathe, and to express. With care, Kefas helps the participants to discover areas they might have never explored before, which deserve attention – like their own voice.

I loved the atmosphere of trust and support created during the workshop. My challenge now is to continue these practices at home.

* * * 


Oana Boeru

It brought me closer to my body, made me wonder about his unlimited possibilities, taught me simple ways to relax and to meditate, taught me about breathing and the space of silence between in and out. 

I discovered the world of inner sounds and the silence
and harmony they can bring to my body and mind and soul. it was a space of love and self-exploration and for all of the above I would kindly and warmly recommend it.

* * * 


Alice Mihailescu

I still keep in my soul that astonishing experience that we shared together! For me that seminar was an WOW experience! I enjoyed every exercise that Kefas had taught us during that weekend, even if some of them were quite challenging for me! I appreciate very much the way Kefas taught us with ease, grace and that wonderful playfulness! 

There were  for me shifts and insights that I never expected, which left me in wonder! I am so grateful  because now I finally met my voice and I know that she is a stronger one! She is the Voice and she allows me to fully express myself now! I thank you Kefas for your wisdom, love , power and generosity ! You’re truly an inspiration for me!  

Thank you Irina & Paul for offering us such an amazing opportunity !  Also I thank all my kindergarten classmates for all that fun and great moments we shared together!

I definitely recommend this seminar to everyone that is willing to discover himself .. in fact I hope  that you will bring  again Kefas soon , this year , please!

* * * 


Cristina Apopei

Thank you for a wonderful workshop. It was a journey within where I got to reconnect with my voice, freeing it from any expectations or projections. Wonderful insights and sounds came out. I am happy to have found the sounds that are representative for me here and now.

I feel more connected to my body, to my voice and to the people around me. And this is just the beginning. Looking forward to a new workshop with Kefas.

* * *  

Marius Luca 

"It’s dificult to grasp the feelings and sensations in the whirl of experiences that Kefas unfolds in this workshop. Which is not a surprise, since I felt how these experiences have the power to move and harmonize the body and the emotions, to streamline the inner energies, and to create in this way a space for spontaneity, creativity and new perspectives. In a word – transformation. Only through my experience after the workshop and along the following months in which I integrated my feelings can I aknowledge and, quite much, integrate the benefits (I must say that the process is still on-going):
– a better feeling in my own body and a lightness of my movements, gestures and bodily expressions;
– the practice and skill of some techniques for relaxation and activation;
– an increasing trust in what I want to communicate and getting the feel of different ways of expressing verbally and non-verbally;
– an increasing ease of talking in public, holding presentations and facilitating courses.

With Kefas, but not without a certain tension and resistance, I left behind the mental chatter and sailed – sometimes consciously, sometimes dipping into the unknown, and othertimes being charmed and seduced – through new, undiscovered and oftentimes challenging sensory and emotional experiences."


Anca Petruscu

As a therapist and trainer, my voice is a tool and, one way or another, I have to pay attention to it. But I had little idea, really, what it meant to train my voice and be in a deep contact with the body while doing it, until I got into the workshop with Kefas. It was revealing, insightful and at the same time extremely relaxing. I learned a lot of techniques which I am also using with my clients when necessary. 

I developed a deep sense of trust in my own voice and connected it with the concept of self-expression. I recommend this experience to anybody who would be interested in knowing more about themselves in unimaginable and unexpected ways.


Irina Alexandra Iunesco

Every time, going to the Liberated Voice and meeting Kefas is very intense. A process of many strings inside myself. This year, more than before, it helped me to tap more deeply and profoundly into my emotions and stay there with them even if it felt uncomfortable at times. I appreciate Kefas’s way of holding space and caring
for each of us and for letting us flow with whatever came up.
It was a really safe space to be in,
to co-create and to release the things that showed up. It helped me to show up more authentically, with my good and my less good side, and honor all of that.



Dana Indane

… I met my Voice as my Soul…I got to learn my Body as a Voice Instrument and I experienced my Heart as the most beautiful song of my Soul… Kefas’s voice work brought back my own belief in my Voice and the ability to sing that had been lost for many years because of emotional blocks…Unbelievably, but today I work as voice performance artist and pedagogue myself… He is a true Master of Voice ...



I'd like to give you some feedback from healing voice workshop in Riga. Something important happened to me in those workshop days. Something that has disturbed me for a long time simply disappeared. It has something to do with how I feel when around other people..it's kind of self-worth issue..a subconscious tension that kicks in when I'm at work or with other people.

I can't say that this issue is completely resolved now but something significant has changed.

After few days at work I noticed that I feel quite different. That I don't squeeze myself to hide from others.

That's great! This workshop really opened use of voice in new ways."


 Monica Vrábiutá

On the 19th of May 2017, I died. My heart died. The pain that I was going through was not physical, although I felt it through my wholebody. On the 20th of May, I went to the Liberated Voice, meeting Kefas Berlin. My heart calls him now “the resurrection master”. Through the singing, through my own voice, Kefas helped me to stand up,helped me to remember the infinite world I have inside,he helped me to recover my body, the trust and the connection with my Higher Self.

Now, I sing every day. I sing on the streets and during my dance workshops, with my students. I sing to dissipate fear, blockages and tensions.I sing for the city that I live in, for it and the people to prosper, to be happy and have healthy means of living.I sing for harmony. Now, I am alive.



Irina Lahtis

For me, The Liberated Voice was more than a workshop. It was the unchaining of a part of myself that I did not know existed and has been silent for so much time. That part where the authentic voice comes from. When I first heard it, I’ve been so surprised. Where did it come from? It was from somewhere so pure that I
don’t even know how to call it.

And once unchained, it just started to flow, to create tunes, to create magic in my life. And my life changed profoundly from that moment on. It was an indistinguishable shift at first, but the tunes started growing while the singing was being asked from myself. I learned to open my body in order to let this song out, blowing away all my blockages with its music.


Daniel Bárágán

I would go to this workshop every time I have the chance. With every edition I become myself more than before. Because, as he says it, the voice is a very intimate part of us, that we most often hold inside with a kind of shame and a certain vulnerability. Here I get the chance to exist with no fear. And guess what’s on the other side of the emotional spectrum when you move away
from fear… This is what I like about Kefas’s workshops –
you feel some kind of love even though nobody promised it to you and even though you are skeptical.


Malin Skinnar

I was toucht to see so many people standing close singing peacefully. Two persons very close.....they where singing and singing, improvising....And they followed their song in being. Just being....without ambition..."  

* * * * *

"...I gained the Joy inside of Myself; I realized the breathing does not require effort. and that is a wonderful feeling!

Now I know that my voice is My voice. It does not need to be as someone's else voice. And it gives confidence!

In my everyday life I do a few of the exercises, and it helps me to get ready for the day."


"...Among the most important things are that I've found my way back to self again; I found my core, the tranquility, the light, the warmth, and not the least, I opened my heart..."


"...The fact that how I use my voice corresponds to how I live my life, is a sensation for me; to ground, deepen, play and improvise..."


"...Kefas with his inspiring, fantastic, non-judgmental, wonderful, intuitive, joyful, playful, warming, allowing, sensitive, real and masterful leadership..."


"...The effects I've noticed from the course are partly new energy, curiosity about my voice, a strong self-confidence, and a connection with my body when I sing..."


”...It was on the second day when we did the improvisational ”duets” with Kefas . My experience was in a total presence of Here and Now. When it was done I couldnt really remember what I´ve done but the  experience was filled with feeling and ”big challenge”. I was open and what sounded, came from an unnown place in me. It was like open a space, releasing a capacity I didnt know about and didnt have the key to...”


”…Många aha-upplevelser ploppade upp i denna 

veckan. Bland det viktigaste var att jag hittade tillbaks till mig själv igen, jag fann min kärna, lugnet, ljuset, värmen och inte minst öppnade upp mitt hjärta.  Och detta är ju den viktigaste grunden som gör förändringar möjliga…”


”…Från den inre starka kärnan står jag nu stadigare för den jag är, och denna förändring har skett genom röstträning, min röst, och jag har funnit att den är vacker!...”


”…Jag känner en större närvaro med människor och miljön omkring mig, sinnena har vaknat till liv igen…”


”…att hanteringen av min röst hör ihop med hur jag hanterar mitt liv är en sensation för mig: att grunda,fördjupa, leka och improvisera …”


”…Jag kommer för alltid bära med mig denna underbara vecka med härliga människo-möten med värme och glädje…”


“… Effekterna jag märkt av kursen, är dels ny energi och nyfikenhet för min röst,men också ett stärkt självförtroende och en kontakt med kroppen när jag sjunger…”


”…En av mina drömmar har varit att kunna sjunga ut, och nu har den kommit i uppfyllelse, bara på några dagar!...."

Story: A journey through the singing heart by Georgiana Corbos >