The liberated voice

- the voice as your healing playmate

26 - 29 September 

Thursday 19:00 - Sunday 17:00

Hizir Camp 
Edremit, Balikesir, Turkey

A 3-full days workshop.
Thursday evening Check-in and introduction class.

Discover, experience and integrate your true voice!

What if your voice could reflect your personal power?

And what if, through your voice, you would gain the energy,

strength and confidence to express who you are?

This workshop is a unique chance to ”open your voice” so that you – who you really are – and the voice 

that is only yours might come closer to each other. 

You will experience how your melodic voice becomes your healing playmate, a playmate that inspires you and brings out power, healing and joy, a tool for experiencing your self and that plays together with the others’ voices.

This workshop is for anyone who would like to take one step further in to his/her voice and its possibilities of expressing itself independent from previous singing experiences.

A workshop for those who ”don't dare to sing” as well as for those with experience. 

Breath, voice and movement are combined in a number of playful exercises, which help open you up to your own melodious voice, boost your self-esteem and release your creativity and mutual listening.

Voice tools for healing and harmonizing body and mind will also be given.  

The workshop is about releasing and eliminating the physical and mental tensions and blockages of your melodic voice. Its about eliminating body/mind structures that keeps you from finding and liberating the voice that is originally yours, internal structures that doesn't allow the full range, the power and the genuine joy that comes along with using your own, very personal voice.


For those that are coming for the second, third or fifth time will experience how they will be able

to dive even deeper in to the mysteries of the healing properties of the Voice and the Expressions of the Soul!

They will learn: there are no limits! 


Kefas Berlin is constantly traveling in the world of voice, singing, body and movement - investigative sources, 

the expressions and its healing properties. 

He is born in Stockholm in 1962 and has since 1982 worked educationally, artisticly and therapeutically with children,

young people and adults in the context of singing, playing, dance and physical theatre. 

Since 1993 , he gives workshops in Voice and Singing, Playfulness and Physical Theatre in Sweden and abroad. 

The workshop “The Liberated Voice” is a unique method by Kefas Berlin and has by now gathered several thousands

of people in more than 15 countries:

He also leads several choirs and offers at a daily basis private sessions with Therapeutic Voice Work or Singing lessons. 

from the content:
liberating the breath
liberating the voice
liberating the creativity with the voice
”the authentic voice”

healing voice techniques 
tone bath


Lets find the joy, the energy and the empowered personal voice that will become your new and beloved playmate! 


26-29 September
Thursday 19:00
to Sunday 17:00

Workshop fee:
220,- €

please contact Hizir Camp

Hizir Camp

Registration for the workshop
by mail to Ceren Yesilbas

Would you like an individual voice therapeutic session?
A few sessions can be offered Wednesday and Thursday before the workshop.

The price is 70 € / session ( 60 min)
Questions about Sessions to me:
Booking through:



- Thursday 

Check-in and Introduction class

- Friday 

Breakfast 08:20


The Power of the Voice (lunch at about 12:30)

We will focus on exercises concerning breathing, sounding and resonance ,

power and simply the act of giving voice through sounds and melody.


- Saturday 


Chakra Breathing, Toning and Meditation

Breakfast 08:20

10:00-18:00 (lunch at about 12:30)

Saturday takes us deeper in to the voice instrument eliminating blocks and releasing energy

but also gives lot of time for playfulness and vocal improvisation.

- Sunday


Chakra Breathing, Toning and Meditation

Breakfast 08:20

10:00-17:00 (lunch at about 12:30)

Deepening the voice work and also focusing Voice Sound therapy tools


This is what participants have shared about previous

Voice Workshops with Kefas:

" It’s dificult to grasp the feelings and sensations in the whirl of experiences that Kefas unfolds in this workshop.

Which is not a surprise, since I felt how these experiences have the power to move and harmonize the body and the emotions,

to streamline the inner energies, and to create in this way a space for spontaneity, creativity and new perspectives.

In a word – transformation...

Read more.....


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