Workshop in Communicative Playfulness

The workshop is aimed at adults
but children are also welcome to join!

The art of communication rests on the same foundation as the innate ability
to play - which we have unfortunately forgotten!

We will reawaken and revitalize Playfulness
- to become more communicative with ease.

Playfulness is based on three pillars:
Presence - Interaction - Dynamics and their wonderful sub-properties.

We will get to know these through playful movement exercises where body and mind interact with others. In this way, we will lay the foundation for deep experiences and understanding of communication and playfulness.

Playful exercises reveal polar qualities such as the ability to follow and the ability to take initiative, as well as their inner aspects like flexibility and clarity.

These qualities will be exposed, practiced, and balanced to develop a more open, intelligent, and balanced approach to playfulness in everyday life.

What happens is that your body gets a more open and free "programming" than you had before. This directly affects how you communicate, which in turn influences how others communicate with you.

Instead of getting stuck and complicating the disturbed communication you encounter in everyday life, you will now be able to rely on your upgraded ability to approach things in a freer and more playful manner, solving what needs to be resolved.

- For over 40 years, I have been able to study and work with the human body's movement. For almost as long, I have had the opportunity as a teacher to play with children and adults. The workshop is based on the experiences I have gained and the understanding of what makes something playful and communicative and what is missing when it is no longer playful.

Contact me if you want to book the Play Workshop for your workgroup, team, or friends and experience how all communication thereafter will work so much easier, and with that ease, more joy will also enter your context.

Kefas Berlin