an ancient and proven

method in modern form

By cupping is meant the type of natural treatment that uses "suction cups" as a tool.

Cupping is a multi-thousand-year-old method that exists or has existed in most cultures around the world in folk medicine.

It is a powerful tool for illness and physical ailments but also for anxiety and insomnia. In some European countries, the cupping tradition has survived uninterrupted and in all Chinese state hospitals, cupping is used as one of the standard treatment options.
In recent decades, thousands of clinical studies have been published examining the effects of cupping in terms of pain relief, muscle relaxation, strengthening the immune system, autoimmune diseases, inflammation, oxidative stress, elimination of heavy metals, insomnia, etc.

There are no side effects at all and the body immediately shows a positive response to the treatment.

I learned cupping therapy during my training as a Pressel-Masseur in 1995 and have practiced

cupping therapy since then - always with very good results.


How does cupping work?

The client is lying on a workbench. The surface to be cupped is oiled and the cups are applied and a suction / negative pressure is created in one of the following ways: Chinese cups with hand pump or European glass cups where a negative pressure is created with fire (note: no heat from the fire will be experienced). The cups are allowed to remain for 20-40 minutes depending on the condition and how the skin reacts, which is checked continuously.

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The treatment takes about 45 min

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Effects on muscles and tendons:

Cupping increases blood circulation in the muscles and dissipates blood clots, which has a significant effect on stiff muscles. The treatment method also increases the lymph flow, which means that the cells' waste products can be removed from the connective tissue in an efficient manner. A positive consequence of this is that it relieves muscle pain. Furthermore, in the case of various types of injuries, we can increase the inflow of blood and lymph locally and thereby accelerate healing.

Impact on joints:

Cupping affects blood flow inside the joint and the secretion of synovial fluid. Any muscle spasms around the joint can be eliminated. Cupping can be very effective in mild rheumatoid arthritis.

Effects on the skin:

Cupping increases blood circulation, temperature and metabolism in the skin, provides better functioning sweat and sebaceous glands and promotes skin breathing. It also pulls slag products out of the skin and strengthens the skin's resistance to external stresses.

Immune system:

In general, cupping stimulates and strengthens the body's immune system and through it stops or prevents inflammation and infections, shortens the course of the disease and alleviates various ailments.

Cupping is used for:

- Acute or subacute bronchitis (infection of the respiratory tract and tracheal catarrh)

- Angina pectoris (chest pain)

- Influenza

- Sinusitis

- Pneumonia

- Krupp

- Acute asthma

- Cold

- Muscle tension and pain


- Joint pain

- Improve the general physical condition

When it comes to the respiratory system, cupping provides a significant improvement almost immediately.

But in addition to the respiratory system, cupping also shows

good effect with problems related to digestion, kidney, urinary tract, heart and blood circulation.


Cupping also has an analgesic effect. With the cups in the right place, relaxation is created in the muscles, the blood vessels dilate and the circulation is improved. Through this, the substances needed for healing can be transported faster to the crisis area and the substances that create pain can be eliminated more quickly.

- Stomach pain

- Muscle pain caused by inflammation

- Ichias

- Headache caused by muscle tension in the neck, shoulders (not migraine that is caused by indigestion)

Psychosomatic disorders

Cupping is also recommended in case of

- Difficulty sleeping

- Obsessive thoughts

- Anxiety

The cups are placed on the chest back and the effect is instant

and will stabilize after a number of treatments. 

What we are dealing with in the above cases are people who suffer from an experience of internal and/or external pressure. The cupping effect is the total opposite. It creates "anti-pressure", ie suction. It does happen on a physical level, but the experience (which is completely unique to the body) also arises

on a spiritual level. You can experience how someone who has been sleepless for several weeks falls asleep during a beneficial 30 minutes of cupping - or the effect is shown allready the first night after the treatment.

Those who are ridden by anxiety and/or obsessions get a moment's respite, a break. A "spiritual exhalation."

This "exhalation" may seem small and temporary, but for the body it means an experience of a different and healthy state.

After a number of treatments, the body finds itself more and more back on its own.

The above symptoms naturally have a psychological and biographical basis and the cupping does not, of course, affect those factors.

However, there is always a physical aspect to a mental problem. When the body becomes dysfunctional and is out of balance, they are "supporting" psycological destructive tendencies and a "vicious circle" arises.

The cupping can contribute to the breaking of it.

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