The Choir Workshop

The kind of Choir singing work that I've been creating since 1993 can be summarized in the following points:

1. It should be possible for anyone to participate - Regardless of former singing experience, musical ear, knowledge in musical notes or tonal accuracy. There is no audition before participating. All is welcome.

2. No musical scores are used because of its excluding effect. People with no knowledge of that kind will not attend. Singing by ear is also much more fun and it empowers the experience of doing it together.

3. No chairs are used. I find it crucial for body health, breathing and voice to be upright standing and in an easy movement.

4.  The repertoire is folk lore singing from different parts of the world, mostly from Africa, Haiti, East Europe and Sweden. Its always polyphonic when polyphony is a very unique practicing of sociality, integrity and musical beauty that affect participants' health and mood. (Usually completely inexperienced singers leaves the choir and has sung 6 new three-part songs - without the support of the piano, sheet music and with only a choir leader).

5. Liberating Voice exercises will always be used so that besides the singing of songs the voice may evolve towards greater freedom.

6. The goal with every Choir workshop is that the time we share are should have a good atmosphere, give joyful, ease and relaxation for body and soul and be a great energizer.

The participants should also have had a great musical experience. 

7. No special emphasis is placed on the construction of concerts. For untrained singers it can bring a lot of discomfort and no joy at all to sing in public.

For me the most important thing with the choral work is that the practicing of the ”Polyphonic music” structure combined with the relaxed and natural open voice style may contribute to a healthier, stronger, happier and more socially functioning humanity. A contribution for bringing in peace.

The Choir Workshop has this potential, particularly since things like ”performance anxiety”, "right and wrong", "ugly and neat" that sanctifies the goal in front of the road is banished from the schedule. 

”It is the road itself that is worth the effort!”

Since many years I have been engaged in conferences around the globe where I have been doing this work with either the whole conference - up to 350 participants - or as workshops for a part of the conference.

If you are interested to bring me to your community, your school, your business company, your backstreet gang, your wedding or some other event in the form of a kickshop, workshop or  intensive, inspirational workshop, dont hesitate to contact me.

Every second Monday 18:40 (un-even week numbers) there is an hour of THE OPEN CHOIR at Gula Villan, Järna.

There is also the FULL DAY OPEN CHOIR at different venues.