Somatic Voice Experiencing Therapy

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Through a combination of several voice and touch techniques, I guide you gently - You and your Voice.

This method opens the door to your personal voice and more...

As your voice is freed from the limitations you have been given through life, not only your voice is freed. Your relationship with your voice becomes increasingly freer and filled with joy. Your voice increasingly becomes a play- and life companion.

And perhaps most importantly: even that part of you that wants to come into its own is liberated and reclaimed.

Through this work you can leave behind what needs to be released and let what strengthens you come forward.

For every new note, sound or timbre you liberate, you gain new lands,

new possibilities and new abilities for the life you live.

When you free your voice, it frees you!

All that is needed is your will and your willingness.


The development, from your first sounds as a newborn to the melodic singing voice happens allmost by itself.

Through the inate ability of imitation, we adapt to a huge world of sounds, tones and speech.

The voice is originally there to heal and restore inner balance and of course to communicate the whole register of who you are and what you need.

Just think of the little child's voice, its register of expression and the strength of the voice which never leads to hoarseness

However, the environment, in the form of culture, family and tradition as well as the experiences we go through,  contribute to acute muscle tension and emotional charges build up in connection with the use of body and voice.

And to that is added is all the conclusions and judgement we inherit and put on ourselves and the voice.

Breathing and voice will have a hard work to function in a natural and relaxed way.


The way you live your life and the way you relate to yourself and the world around you can be traced in your posture, your way of moving and last but not least in your voice. In fact it shows most clearly in the voice.

The limitations and the possibilities within your voice reveal your life story, your inner state and how you relate to others, to life and your self.

The voice is truly an amazing living metaphor of life itself.


However, the voice is not just there to be read and understood.

It is also possible to change and cultivate.

If you are willing to change and liberated your voice, then also your life and living will change and liberate.

When your voice opens up, new possibilities will show up. New choices in life can be made!

It is an amazing and wondrous fact that proves itself again and again.

Our goal is the liberation of your dynamic and personal voice and its flexibility; the freedom to sing, sound and speak the way you need to and as an expression of who you truly are - right now.

Another goal is to liberate life itself from the internal restrictions and tensions - trough this voice work.

Going deeper?


 A somatic experiencing therapeutic formula?

This means that at the center of the work is the experiences and sensations you have in relation

to your own voice and body. Your life is embodied in your body, the voice is part of the body and through body and voice we reach the whole of your life - all levels.

During the process of the work, memories and emotions may also arise.

To sense what you feel and to be and stay present in what is at the time together with the toning, the sounding and the singing in connection to the the body...is the key to healing and liberation from trauma.

If you carry trauma, these are more or less present in your life and make themselves felt in one way or another

- compelling and limiting....

The trauma or traumas you carry cause you to dissociate from aspects of yourself, your history, your voice and your body.

Your voice, beyond the audible, reveals to me not only emotional and bodily tensions and blocks but also places and events in your past. The "places" where trauma lives - enclosed, isolated and discommunicative - is connected to your body. Like a parasite, it feeds on the energy you really needed here and now - it influences your feelings, your reaction patterns, thought habits, values and life choices according to its own needs.

The trauma causes you to avoid aspects of life, relationships and essential aspects of yourself. It makes you dissociated rather than being in communion with life.

At the same time the voice tells your story, the voice itself is a vehicle, a connection, like a bridge, to these secluded rooms.

However, it is a bridge you hardly voluntarily step on - as it implies you feeling insafe.

The beliefs and judgements you carry about yourself and your past also create obstacles in the way of your own investigation and your understanding of your past.

However, your wordless, sounding, toning voice moves beyond the cognitive, beyond what can

or needs to be understood to be resolved and healed.

- "This brings up a very important fact: which is that you don't have to consciously remember an event to heal from it. Visiting  one's trauma is quite different from reliving it. Because trauma happens primarly on an instinctual level, the memories we have of overwhelming events are stored as fragmentary experiences in our bodies, not in the rational parts of our brains.

When weare able to access our 'body memories' through the felt sense, we can begin to discharge the instinctive survival energy that we did not have a chance to use at the time of an event." (Levine 2005, 2008 p. 31)

Through my guidance of your voice and the manual techniques I use, such as touch and trigger, and in meeting you and your willingness to follow along,  we move via the voice and body experiences to these isolated "trauma islands".

In this you are fully active during this inner journey by using your own voice, something you, can only do as a free action. This is a crucial factor in the healing process.

You are aware on a bodily level of what you are doing with your voice and you feel what you are experiencing.

However, you are not intellectually active but only experiencing. Thereby, the process is not slowed down or blocked through the habitual formation of conclusions and judgements.

A trauma can be perceived as an energy entity separated from the whole that requires energy to survive. Not unlike a cancer.

The specific energy a certain trauma needs is obtained by controlling your choices and non-choices - in such a way that you, literally, leaking life energy to your traumas.

You could say that every trauma does everything it can to survive.

In the trauma there is a fear that makes it cling to you.

What the voice can do, which the intellect cannot, is to  embrace and tone through the trauma.

But it needs to be sung by the owner of the trauma. A tone filled with presence and feeling.

When a non-cognitive connection is made between "the Now stuck in the Past" and the voice-active present, a neutralization of the trauma will begin to take place.

Or as Peter Levine would put it: it is not the past event itself that constitutes the trauma.

The trauma consists in the "frozen" energy that continues to affect the present. The nature of trauma is your limited freedom in relation to defining events in the past. This disturbed relationship limits your freedom here and now. It's about your relationship with the past. The trauma can be freed from itself - by you. This is the transformation.

In neutralizing the trauma, your history does not change, but the way it affects your life here and now.

Your story takes on a different value. The negative influence decreases or ceases. This is the reevaluation of your past.

The result is a freer me, a freer now, a stronger, more open and freer relationship with yourself and the world around you.

Each session is framed by an opening and closing conversation where we check the current situation,

tracks what is current and how we move forward.

You are welcome to write about your thoughts and questions before a first visit.


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Somatic Voice Experiencing Therapy is developed out of the roots of Alfred Wolfsohn's (1896-1962) voice work and
Voice and Movement Therapy, developed by Paul Newham, and has evolved into its own unique form
through many years of therapeutic work with people of various backgrounds, issues and stories.


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