Vita-huset-the old house


The Liberated Voice 

- the voice as your healing playmate

19 - 25 august 2019 

Ytter Järna Culture Center, Sweden

- The language of the workshop will be in

English and translated to Chinese!

Your voice reflects who you are, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
And, through your voice, you can gain the energy, strength and
confidence to express your true self.
From our hearts we invite you to join this transformational seven-days-workshop
– a dynamic and playful self-discovering experience, lead by Swedish trainer Kefas Berlin

in beautiful Ytter-järna, Sweden, on 19-25 August, 2018.
We will explore our voices as the primary tool in Therapeutic Voice Work,
as a tool for personal development, self trust, freedom and joyfulness.
Let us allow ourselves to be open and vulnerable to this inner and outer journey.



You don’t have to be a professional singer to join. Participants from past editions of this workshop come from all sorts of backgrounds. They are teachers, coaches, team leaders, youth workers, trainers and facilitators, actors, singers, public speakers, programmers, marketing professionals and... parents.

Essentially, they are people willing to better know themselves, to learn, to develop their creative energy and to enjoy genuine human connection. Notably, they have an openness towards doing all these with the support of their voice, even if they might have never used it this way. Even if they might have never sang before.


- do I know how my true voice really sounds?

- is it difficult to accept my voice (or my nature) just as it is?

- do I seek the courage to make myself heard in all sorts of situations?

- do I like to challenge myself and try new things?

- did I loose the joy of singing/being alive?

- would I be open to use my voice and see how that feels?

- am I interested in voice as a therapeutic tool?

If you answered any of these questions with “yes”, then this experience is for you. Read on...


“The Liberated Voice” is a unique method developed by Swedish facilitator Kefas Berlin in decades of work with thousands of people as a facilitator of voice workshops, choir leader, movement- and acting teacher and in the 1-to-1 sessions of Therapeutic Voice Work.
Whether you use your voice to relate with people, your partners, colleagues, friends and loved ones, or you constantly rely on your voice in your work, a lively partnership with it will enrich your life.

The voice is your life-long companion. It stays with you your entire life. In this way, it can be a trustful partner, a powerful healing tool, a playmate, or an unexplored part of yourself.

This is the aim of the workshop: to help you befriend with your voice

and to discover its therapeutic and healing properties. 
And for it to happen – as with all changes in life – it will get you out of your comfort zone, yet in a gentle way, within a journey about exploration, expression and self acceptance.

The workshop is about releasing and eliminating the physical and mental tensions and blockages of your voice. Its about eliminating body/mind structures that keeps you from finding and liberating the voice that is originally yours, internal structures that doesn't allow the full range, the power and the genuine joy that comes along with using your own, very personal voice!

With the help of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Experience how singing works for you, in your own unique way;

  • Adopt a better posture for voicing;

  • Warm up your body and your voice to ease your singing;

  • Breathe in a natural way that supports your voice;

  • Avoid throat pain, even when singing louder or longer;

  • Relax about how you sound;

  • Experience pleasure in using your voice;

  • Discover how giving voice can be beautiful, powerful and creative.

  • Practice self healing through therapeutic voice work on your own, whenever you like.


    The workshop will be given at the most beautiful place on the countryside 60 km south of Stockholm in Sweden: The Ytter-Järna Culture Center. This place, with its world famous anthroposofical architecture and beautiful gardens by the sea, has since 1964 been a place for anthroposofical orientated trainings within Eurythmy, Visual arts, Art Therapy, Waldorf Education, Biodynamic farming, Social Entrepenourship and Curative Pedagogic. The area has many studios, Student house, restaurants, a Waldorf school and Kindergarten, shops and a huge lovely garden.

    The area is very safe and children friendly.

    The participants of the workshop will have their house on their own in the middle of the garden, where you can choose either single or double room. Showers and WC are shared and there are two kitchens that will be shared by the participants to make their breakfast and dinner. The lunch will be served in the restaurant of the Culture house - optional meat or vegetarian dish.


Participants can arrive, if they want to, already at Saturday august 17 to settle and get familiar with the surroundings.
A guided tour will be arranged on Sunday.
From Monday 19th until Sunday 25th the workshop will be in the "White house"
FREE day on Friday.

Daily work times: 09:30 - 12:00 and 13:30- 16:30.

There will be a smaller break in the morning and in the afternoon class.
Evenings after dinner are open for spontaneous activity like walks, talks, Swedish folk dancing,

Singing and sharing songs
An option for the free Friday would be either an excursion to the capital Stockholm or a longer walk

in to the Nature. Or just resting.


Workshop fee:

8000 SEK


Double room: 550/night

Single room: 350/night

- after 5 days 10% discount
Bedsheet and towel for 1 week: 100 SEK

Lunch incl coffe at the restaurant is about 130 sek/person

Booking of room is trough Kefas Berlin.

If you live nearby or want to arrange your own lodging and food you are of course free to do so!

Bookings and questions

Kefas Berlin